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Investigative Case Management System


System Overview

Investigative case management solutions are primarily designed to manage risk, fraud, and compliance across the enterprise. Examples of investigative case management cases include: eDiscovery, Fraud & Abuse, Audit tracking, Regulatory & Compliance, M&A, IT governance.

System Description

Eccentex Investigative Case Management Software as a Service offers robust tools with simple ways to track investigations and effectively manage case loads. Manage correspondence, contacts, documents, profiles, and follow-ups, which are all kept together in one case file. The application makes it easy to set up access rules for sensitive data, determine user permissions and document each stage of an investigation, creating a detailed history report. Investigations software users save a lot of time with automated reports, templates, archiving and alerts.

Empower your employees with an effective investigations handling system that enables their best performance and simplifies caseload management. Eccentex Dynamic Case Management application makes it easy to store electronic and physical exhibits, track and report case-related expenses, create and search case files, schedule tasks and communicate across departments, business locations and remote offices. Whether used for eDiscovery, criminal investigation software, fraud & abuse, or other legal or audit and compliance management purposes, system users can work with investigations cases, update documents and set up calendar events in real time, from any location.

The Investigation case management applications are built on the Eccentex AppBase cloud platform (PaaS) which is flexible and allows our clients to create a system that meets their specific standards. Business users can easily adjust workflow requirements, modify application permissions for each user and set up user roles. The application is always current with automatic updates and in sync with organization's goals.

System Features

With the Eccentex adaptive case management system for investigations you have the necessary tools to effortlessly manage caseloads by centralizing information and collaborating on projects. The cloud platform upon which the investigations system is built is easy to customize precisely to your needs. Tailor multiple functions such as automatic notifications, case assignments, reminders, follow-up tasks and escalations, to ensure that your team performs at its best.

  • Flexible cloud platform - allows for great customization. Effortlessly customize fields, screens, workflows, forms, reports, dashboards, business rules and more with our process-driven software. The web-based drag and drop interface lets business analysts make all the necessary changes to the application. Whatever your organization's size or number of world locations, you can easily change workflow rules and manage processes on the fly.

  • Escalation and approvals - enables users to escalate investigations issues. Users who work with original assignments can escalate cases for manager's advice or approvals. Similarly, case creators can simply forward files to other investigators for case resolutions.

  • Security and access controls - allows to define role-based security for each business user by fields, business objects, documents, reports, and business processes. Define how each user accesses, shares and uses your investigations application information.

  • Support across every communication channel - offers support for web portal, paper, fax, email, and telephone processing. Work with every incoming type of communication in your investigations application and create outgoing messages able to be sent out in the format of your choosing.

  • Compliant software - capability to set up purging document policies. Tailor the application to always run in a compliant manner and to perform the necessary compliance steps.

  • E-mail and SMS alerts - notifies users according to their preferences enabling timely actions. Lets each user to set notification preferences or determine organization-wide standards to receive SMS or e-mail notifications.

  • Strong collaboration - enables extensive communication and information sharing. System users can share data across departments and all need-to-know users. A centralized repository of documents and reporting tools is available to authorized users for immediate secure access.

  • Analytics - lets you catch problems before they arise. Get the insight you need to lower risk and keep your investigations application performing at its best. Quickly identify troubled processes and take corrective actions.

  • Integration - allows easy integration to any system. Our integration layer technology and SOA architecture enables seamless connectivity with applications and systems you already use.

  • Web-based - does not require expensive software installations. The application receives automatic updates and does not entail an IT staff to run smoothly. Use an Internet browser to access the system at any time from any location.

System Benefits

The Investigative application simplifies case handling by providing tools for effective information management and communication for faster case resolutions. With the workflow- and web-based system it is easy to track, manage and learn from every investigation phase.

  • Shorten processing times for investigations of cases

  • Ensure compliance with state and federal regulations

  • Detect emerging trends and manage risk

  • Analyze investigations and improve processes

  • Eliminate recurring errors and repetitive data entry

  • Less complex work for on-site and remote employees

  • Strong collaboration, work flexibility and productivity

  • Effective resource use with centralized and reliable processes

  • Access through the Internet browser at any time from any location

  • Data integration with access for external partners and third parties

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